FATE HARBOR SERIES by @CaitlynOLearyNA  #giveaway #excerpt #review

FATE HARBOR SERIES by @CaitlynOLearyNA #giveaway #excerpt #review

Sneak Peek at Cherishing Brianna Brianna has lived the last eight years of her life alone, and that’s how she intends to spend the rest of it. Before moving to California permanently, she stops off to visit her foster family, the only true people she has ever loved and valued. During her months long stay … Continue reading »



From Snarky Mom to you… HAPPY THANKSGIVING! And for anyone who thinks the Cook is having fun trying to organize 50 different dishes to come out of one oven at the same time, while tripping over kids, pets, grandparents, neighbor Suzie & running out of serving spoons, just remember – DON’T PISS OFF THE WOMAN … Continue reading »

Happy Snark Day!  #giveaway @MelissaSnark #KindleScout

Happy Snark Day! #giveaway @MelissaSnark #KindleScout

Happy Snark Day! That’s Melissa Snark Day, folks!  It’s ironic because sometimes I’ll get messages from blog companies for Melissa. Guess the fact that Snarky Mom Michelle and Melissa Snark seem similar confuse some folks at first LOL! Anyway, today Melissa is visiting us from her blog, “The Snarkology” – and specifically from her writing … Continue reading »

SMR’s Tuesday Tips – prep for #Thanksgiving!!  @EntangledPub #99cents #free #sale #BlackFriday

SMR’s Tuesday Tips – prep for #Thanksgiving!! @EntangledPub #99cents #free #sale #BlackFriday

Have you been busy working on Turkey Day prep? I have. We started shopping on Saturday. We’re carting everything up to my parents house to heat / reheat for Thanksgiving Dinner since with the cancer, there is just NO WAY my Mom can deal (not that we’d let her, anyway!). Think of me on Thursday … Continue reading »



Love, Laughter, and Merrily Ever Afters (Holiday Novella Collection) Release Date: November 25, 2014   TEN fun, romantic holiday novellas by ten New York Times & USA Today bestselling authors An all-star gathering of some of today’s most popular NYT and USA Today bestselling romance authors in a fun-filled collection…holiday style! With the overwhelming response … Continue reading »

MAN LAW by @AdriennGiordano #Sale #99cents #excerpt #trailer

We’ve all heard the phrase “Man Law“. Or you may be more familiar with the vernacular of “Bro Code”.  Either way, check out this fun “best friend’s little sister trope” / romantic suspense release from Adrienne Giordano, and be sure to make it a one-click ASAP, because it’s on SALE through tomorrow, Wednesday 11/26, for … Continue reading »

THE SPACE BETWEEN by @KCanterbary  #giveaway  @RockStarPRLC

THE SPACE BETWEEN by @KCanterbary #giveaway @RockStarPRLC

Title: The Space Between (The Walshes #2) Author: Kate Canterbary Date of Publication: November 18th 2014 https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22613736-the-space-between Some lines are meant to be crossed. Patrick That hair. That fucking hair. It was everywhere, always, and I wanted to tangle my fingers in those dark curls and pull. And that would be fine if she wasn’t … Continue reading »

BLACK SOUL by Kiru Taye #giveaway @girlgamesdonkey  #excerpt #teaser

BLACK SOUL by Kiru Taye #giveaway @girlgamesdonkey #excerpt #teaser

 ***OUT NOW*** Title: Black Soul   Author: +Kiru Taye, Author   Series: Black Warriors, Prequel He will damn his soul to set hers free. When workaholic high-flying career lawyer Tara Woji takes a well deserved break and meets up with old friends she doesn’t realize the danger lurking in the shadows for her. M’na is a chi, a … Continue reading »