DIRTY TRICK – Entangled Brazen

There are some publishing houses that I’ve come to believe are always “safe bets” — they have great editors and super writers – and the Entangled Brazen line is one of those sure things.  At this point, I’ve yet to pick up ANY Entangled version that has disappointed… and DIRTY TRICK is a great example of how dependable the Entangled Brazen line is for readers.  Now I admit – I did receive a copy of this from their Publicity Department in the hopes that I’d write an *unbiased* review – but that isn’t why I feel this is such a great book!

First of all, is it really possible to go wrong with the formula of best friends who come to realize they mean more to, and want more from, each other than just friendship?  Grace is a professional matchmaker who gets “tingles” when she finds a pair that would be a great match.  Since she’s notorious for having bad relationships, she ignores the tingles she gets around her best friend, Patrick, especially since she considers him a man-whore.  (Her penchant for calling him a male slut in various terms is actually quite funny.)   Patrick who admits to his man-whoredom, has decided that it is an empty life – and his life would only be full with Grace in it.  However, the only way he knows to make that happen is to approach her as someone else so she can see how good it would be between them.

Secondly, I really like how at the end of September, Entangled Brazen is releasing books that have Halloween themes to them – really, how FUN!

Third – it’s obvious that Christine Bell had fun with this novel.  Patrick, also known as Trick, plays this “trick” on Grace.   Grace is a matchmaker whose last name is… wait for it… Love.  There are just little twists throughout the story that make you think the author is probably standing back with a wink, wink, nudge, nudge going on.

And last, here’s the basic answers everyone always seems to want.   250-ish pages for $2.99?  Price is fair.   Info on the author, Christine Bell?   Right here.    Any sex?   Yes, but nothing too outrageous or explicit.   Worth the read?  YES.

By the way – if you happen to purchase this and get it read this week, don’t forget that Entangled Brazen is running a Mr. September Throwdown contest with all the male characters from their September releases… and YOU get to vote daily for your favorite!   (See my related blog post with some Q&A from the hotties themselves & a giveaway rafflecopter!)