What I’ve Been Reading – KNIGHTS CORRUPTION #MC Series by @AuthorSNelson1



With the weight of the club on his shoulders, Cole Marek, president of the Knights Corruption MC, had only one choice:

Turn their livelihood legit.

Everything was falling into place until one unexpected, fateful night. With an attack on his fellow brothers, Marek had no choice but to retaliate against their sworn enemy.
The Savage Reapers.

Swarming their compound, he comes face-to-face with the infamous daughter of his rival club, making an astonishing decision which would change his life forever.
She was the enemy.
She was the prize.
She was a game changer.

Sully Brooks led a desolate life, her entire existence dictated first by her father, then by the man who’d claimed her when she was only fourteen. Years of abuse shaped her into the woman she became, but she longed for something more. Craving an existence where she was free to live a life of simplicity, she wanted release from the harsh realities she’d known since childhood.

Will her prayers be answered when the enemy strikes?

AUTHOR NOTE: This book touches on the subjects of assault, violence, and hard situations that may trigger bad memories for those who have been in similar situations. Not suitable for anyone under 18.

** Sully has lived within the walls of the Savage Reapers clubhouse, being abused both physically and mentally by her father, Psych, the President of the Savage Reapers.  At the age of 14, she was given to Vex as his Old Lady.  While she originally had a crush on him, his abuse is even worse than her father’s and she just strives to stay under their radar.  She expects she’ll die there, until the day the Knights Corruption MC storms the clubhouse and takes her as their prize.  

Marek decides that in order to really stick it to the Savage Reapers he’s going to take their Princess… and marry her.  Thus begins the saga of the war between the Savage Reapers and the Knights Corruption MCs, so that the Knights Corruption can extricate themselves from their illegal activities and become a completely legal club.  

When an author gives a disclaimer about dark subject matter you should always take them at face value.  Some of the abuse that Sully has survived is horrific, and you really find yourself bleeding for both she and Marek as they struggle through their pasts in order to find a future together.  

While there is a lot of violence and abuse, I still highly recommend this read!


I knew she was destined to be mine the first time I laid eyes on her. Cliché I know, but it was the truth. Numerous obstacles kept us apart, but I vowed to find a way around them, finally claiming her once and for all.

Consequences be damned.

Stone Crosswell, VP of the Knights Corruption MC, was known for his notoriously hot temper. While it served him well when dealing with their sworn enemy, the Savage Reapers, it damaged him in the eyes of the one woman who would redefine his very existence.

His attraction toward her was fierce, his innate need to possess her consuming his every thought.

But would his way of life eventually destroy her?

Adelaide Reins was doing well for herself. Acquiring a coveted nursing position at the prestigious St. Joseph’s Hospital, she thought her life was going exactly as planned. Until the fateful day she was summoned to her uncle’s club, instantly drawn to the one man who would complicate her carefully orchestrated world.

When a cruel twist of fate rears its ugly head, will Stone and Adelaide’s worlds be ripped apart? Or will they overcome insurmountable odds, defying fate and finding their happily ever after?


** While this story features Stone and Addie, you’ll get to check in on Marek & Sully and see how the rest of the gang is doing.  Stone and Addie’s secret affair has been going on behind her uncle Trigger’s back for a while, but when she gets some shocking news, it’s all going to come out.  In the midst of a medical emergency, there are continued attacks from the Savage Reapers and they continue to fight their way out from under the cartel.  Just like the first book in the series, the character development is fantastic in this world that functions in the shade of the sunshine and rainbows.



In order to prove his loyalty, Knights Corruption prospect, Jagger Blakeslee, readily agreed to immerse himself in situations that weren’t meant for the faint of heart.

Every time, he stepped up.
Every time, he did what was asked.
Never questioning… until he met her.

Kena Prescott wasn’t like everyone else. Leading a simple yet lonely life, she preferred to live in the background, avoiding potential heartache by never bringing attention to herself or the challenge she faced on a daily basis.

Until a fated encounter with a stranger thrust her into a world she had never known existed.

He’d come to her rescue, but in the end, would she be the one to save him?


** I was glad to see Jagger get his story because honestly?  I thought he got a raw deal from Marek and it made me mad for him, and at the other club members for not pushing the issue, that after two years he was still a prospect with no patch-in in sight.  A lot of that had to do with Marek’s jealousy over his friendship with Sully, and it helps that Jagger finds himself interested in Kena.  The problem though is that the threat of the Savage Reapers is still out there but above and beyond that, Kena has no idea of what the Knights Corruption life is all about and she has a physical issue that prevents her from speaking.  I thought it was incredibly sweet the lengths he went to in order to communicate with her with learning sign language, and how he’d continue to try to make everything right with her (even as he stupidly tried to push her away).  I think that so far Jagger has been my favorite KC MC member!   Okay, there are still quite a few dark spots in the story, but hanging with the KC is worth it!


When Tripp Cavanaugh finally recovers after being left for dead at the gates of his club, his intention is to leave and resume his nomadic lifestyle. But when his president asks him to stick around and oversee the club’s newest business adventure, he readily agrees. He has no idea the simple request will turn his world inside out, encountering the one woman who will irrevocably change him.

Barely escaping her past, Reece Kendrick flees across the country and takes the first job she can find, working at a club owned by the Knights Corruption. Vowing to keep her heart guarded, everything changes the moment she sees him. Confused and powerless to stop the dynamic unraveling between them, she becomes enthralled with a stranger.

A man who challenges her every instinct.
A man who makes her feel inexplicably safe.
A man who will do anything for her… even kill.
Will her past threaten to destroy her one chance for happiness, or will she be forced to leave the one man who vowed to protect her?


**One thing I’ve come to appreciate from S. Nelson is the ability to continue to weave a saga of the long-standing was between the Reapers and the Knights with plenty of twists and suspense.  This is also one of the things that also frustrates me, because I just want to know what is going to happen next!  This is the fourth book in the Knights Corruption MC series, and enough of the back story is explained that you could easily read it as a standalone.  If you want to enjoy it to its fullest, though, it’s time to start some binge reading!  Each book features one couple and ends with their HFN (happily for now), and their stories will continue throughout the other books.  

I have mixed feelings about TRIPP; I felt that S. Nelson hit the ball out of the park with the continued story of Marek’s slide into craziness in his revenge against Psych, but the aspect of actually building the backstories of Tripp and Reece was weaker than in the other books.  I was glad to see the story arc of Marek vs. Psych come to an end but be warned – it comes with one twist of a screw!  Enjoy this highly recommended MC romance read, and if you haven’t already, pick up MAREK, STONE & JAGGER to read, too!