TBR Crossing Swords by @MixieEdwards

99 cents, 225 pages

Christopher Rush is not gay.

But after a breakup with his longtime girlfriend, he finds himself crossing swords with his best friend Jeremy Pratt. Who’s also not … gay.

It was a one-time thing.

It didn’t mean anything.

They like girls.

At least, that’s what these boys of summer tell themselves as they pretend it wasn’t more than experimentation. With only four weeks left before they leave town for college, Christopher and Jeremy awkwardly navigate their way through a series of unfortunate (or very fortunate) events. Often leaving them breathless, conflicted, and dressed in nothing but a pair of socks.

Because socks are less gay.

As their time together comes to an end, will Christopher and Jeremy accept that love doesn’t discriminate, or will they put their swords up for good?



I TOTALLY judged this book by its cover.  It’s why I read it, because seriously – is that not just the most hysterical look on the model’s face, especially within the context of “crossing swords”?  You can just tell that it’s going to be an intelligent, yet irreverent, examination of budding sexuality!   Normally I would not be that interested in reading a Young/New Adult romance but Mixie Edwards caught me in the first couple of paragraphs.  Now, I will advise – this book starts fast and it is heavy on the sex.  If you’re not open to reading about same sex (m/m) sexual relationships, you’re not going to be interested in this book. While the sex is detailed it’s also handled with humor appropriate to 18 year old males (snickering about teabagging and measuring lengths & growth spurts) who are discovered that their childhood friendship is developing into love, even though they were involved in heterosexual relationships and never had considered themselves gay.

If you DO like m/m stories, this is a really great one – the realization of the attraction, trying to decide over who would top/bottom, the absolute confusion over their developing feelings and how they will fit into this new view of their relationship – it’s all handled with humor and sensitivity.  [Since one of the Twinagers’ friends recently decided that he is bisexual, I actually have thought about giving them this book to read to help them understand him more, but there’s a bit too much sex in it – my future Forty Year Old Virgin would probably freak out.]  

Above and beyond all that, I just had to crack up at some of the things in it.  And I’m not saying this simply because Mixie Edwards could have peeked into my household and pulled some of Bessie (Christopher’s Mom) from me:

Yeah, we celebrate National Bubble Week and Incredible Kid Day.  In fact, my Mom may have fucked me up so badly, I might not be able to function in the real world without her.  How could I possibly let her celebrate Incredible Kid Day without her Incredible Kid?

Oh, and we won’t even get into the talk about the car magnets and t-shirts….

The one thing that I wasn’t really “feeling” was the smoking and the easy and constant access to alcohol.  I’m assuming this is someone not in the US who has just put the story in the US.  Either that or I’m more naive than I thought I was and I should just be damn glad the Twinagers are computer / gamer geeks…

I really do hope that her next book features Frances.  Her prayers to God are hysterical, commentary on Jeremy’s penis snort inducing, and Christopher pretty much summed it up when he said:

I’m going to have a long talk with my brother about marrying this girl.  She’s fucking awesome.

If you’re a fan of m/m and don’t mind lots of portrayals of sex, I’d highly recommend this debut author for a read – I actually read it and did a skim over because I thought it was so fun & a “feel good” story!  Plus now, thanks to Bessie, I have two lame gay jokes in my repertoire… wink….