June 2nd – I’m on a roll!

Wow.  Two days in a row!

So yesterday I finished reading HARD PROOF, the newest MC/romantic suspense book from Debra Kayn.  Its focus is the Notus MC, a group of five childhood friends who formed the MC after one of their sister is taken and murdered.  They independently search for missing people in their area, even though one of their own members is missing (at his own volition).

I really had liked her Bantorus MC series (first one is BREATHING HIS AIR, and is free with Kindle Unlimited), and when I read WRAPPED AROUND HIM (the first of the six Moroad MC series) it almost seemed as if the author had changed and I didn’t like it as much so hadn’t kept up with the series.    I figured since this came out as the start of a new series, I’d try it out.  What did I think?


If you’re looking for a MC romance book, this really isn’t it.  The characters could have just as easily been based out of a security business, or just basic blue collar boys working together to help out in the community.  Oh wait – that IS what they are!  I had a feeling that the author threw the whole MC thing into the mix just to try to keep / pull in her current / new readers that are invested in the MC trope.  As for throwing in things that didn’t really have follow-through, she touches on dyslexia… but it has no real relevance to the plot line, it’s never fully explained how it currently affects the character, and if it weren’t for the fact that the dedication mentions someone the author knows has it, I would have been COMPLETELY confused as to why it was in the book.  There’s other things that were like sand in my shoe – tiny but as it kept going, became really irritating.  Since I don’t want it to seem like this book is irredeemable I won’t nitpick, because it really was a good plot – it just felt like it needed some tightening up.

3.5 stars, and not sure if I’m gonna keep with this series.  However, I may go back and do a reread of Bantorus MC just to make sure I’m not crazy and remembering the voice of the author differently…