June 3rd & working for the weekend!

Well, not really.  I’d really just like to go to bed.  However, my two golden retrievers had other plans starting at 7 am this morning, so here I am.  Trying to guzzle Tazo “Awake” tea like it’s actually gonna help me feel awake.  We can all have goals, right?

Well, we’re doing some “projects” around the house while The Man is between clients, so I really didn’t get much reading done.  While I can tell the kids to make a bologna sandwich or eat cereal, for some reason, The Man thinks we actually eat real MEALS around here during the week while he’s typically gone.  That means I have to cook since he’s home.  (#ConsultantNeedsJob)  Dammit.  The Man decided he wanted to use the gas grill burner and fry up some chicken and make the copycat recipe of Raising Cane’s chicken & sauce.  Somehow that translated into me buying the chicken, prepping & cutting the chicken, making the chicken buttermilk marinade, making the Cane’s knock-off sauce, and battering the five damn pounds of chicken.  He stood outside and watched it fry in the oil.  (We don’t fry food.  Like EVAH.  So this was a novelty, trust me!)  My favorite was that the recipe said the prep time was 10 minutes.  Ten minutes my ass.

Oh well.  Unfortunately I won’t be going back to bed until late tonight, because I’m NICE and let everyone ELSE (read: The Man) sleep in….but that’s okay.  I have shift to do.  See, this is Snarky Mom’s blogaversary month… PLUS… on Monday, it’s my birthday.  I’m actually trying to pull something together because I have a Kindle 7 here to GIVE AWAY!! Plus LOTS of swag!!  So I figure I gotta get that all organized…

In the meantime, I’m sneaking reads of Silver James’ NIGHTRIDERS MC series.  I got through the “starter novella” (REMEMBER THE NIGHT) yesterday and thought it was pretty good.  It’s a paranormal (shifter) MC with a “lost love found” trope to it.  It’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited, so check it out!