All American Day

Chevy, hotdogs and apple pie?


No.  More like Kroger (grocery), laundry and baseball.


I personally am not big on baseball – I think it is boring, but it makes really good background noise.  We have a class A minor league team here and quite a few of the players end up making it to the Majors and playing for the Reds – Joey Votto, anyone?  Minor league games are a bit more entertaining, so at least that’s in their favor.  Unfortunately, my beer dude doesn’t work on Sundays, so (gasp!) I HAD TO **WAIT** for someone to get to our section.  It was iffy there for a while, folks!


So no wine for me today.  Just Bud at the ball park, and since we picked up a pizza on the way home, Yuengling here at the house.  Can’t think of the last time I’ve had this much beer!!


One comment

  • In Indianapolis we have our AAA team, the Indians (Pirates affiliate), playing at our award winning field, Victory Field. Tons of beer vendors. Including Beer Mike – you can text him your seat and he will deliver what you want!