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Yeah, yeah.  I missed a few days.  I got distracted.  The Man is off of work right now and decided to work on (his) To Do list, although he tells everyone it’s his “Honey Do” list.  He’s spray painting patio furniture, etc… The item that IS actually ON **my** Honey Do list is to replace the sump pump.  It’s about 15 years old, which in sump pump life, is WAY over the hill.  (No cracks about me turning 50 on Monday, please!)  He tells me he’s “researching them”.  Let’s just hope this is a dry summer.


Oh, and I now know how much it costs for twin boys to be added to car insurance.  <banging head on desk>.  We’re now trying to get them to apply for jobs.  They have a deadline of Sunday evening to have put in at least three job applications at different places.  Considering today is Thursday evening, I have a feeling they will be running around town on Sunday.  I keep putting in the plug for them to apply to work at Kroger (our local grocery) because with the amount of money I spend in there a week, I’d REALLY love to have a child working there to take advantage of the discount!


My friend, Linda, recently asked me if I’d read anything from LIBERTY PARKER, like her Rage Riderz series.

I tried.  I started TAKEN BY LIES, but quite frankly, I couldn’t be sure if it was something I’d already started reading or if some parts of the plot were VERY SIMILAR to something else I’d read.  I won’t say borrowed because it is extremely likely I’ve skimmed parts of this book already… but… since I got overwhelmed by all the jumping around of characters (and lack of punctuation / grammar) I stopped around 48%.  The book is supposed to be a cliffhanger and stories continue, but quite frankly, all I could think was that (a) the author needed a good editor and (b) the author could just as easily covered one storyline / couple while just touching on others, and then develop those others in later stories.  However, what she chose to do was tell concurrent stories and for me, since I didn’t have the luxury of a good block of reading time, it was too much chaos.  I set it aside.


I did go back and read the first couple of books in the Debra Kayn BANTOROUS MC series, and I still stick with my opinion that once she finished it, it’s almost like she had a writer transplant.  I could get “into” the first MC series; the ones afterward just didn’t seem to have the same “grab” for me.  AS WITH ANYTHING IN LIFE — just remember — YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.  This is just personal preference of ME / MY / MINE / MYSELF.


The other series I started rereading?  CHELSEA CAMARON.  I just happened to run across her latest release of the Hellions MC and it reminded me that I’d not finished this series, and that I had liked the ones I had read.

Try not to get put off by the blurbs. They are inordinately dramatic and “ride theme” oriented. I’ve read through the fifth book; I’m still working through the series, but like I said – there’s so much hoopla in my house right now with The Man being home, Little Dude going to a daily “Inventor Camp”, the Twinagers getting drivers licenses and being harassed to get jobs, etc… that I have the attention span of a gnat. So what happened? I got distracted by a shiny object. A shiny object called KIM JONES.


She has three different MC series.  Can’t tell you yet if they are related or not, because I started with the oldest one, which is “Dallas”.

I’m about 60% through the first SAVING DALLAS.  It’s long.  Does it need to be this long?  Not as far as my distracted reading is concerned.  I’m a bit deterred since while cutting & pasting the Amazon stuff in here I just realized this is about a 900 page story.  I don’t know if I’ll stick with it or move on to another one.  So far, I **DO** like her writing style.  In other words, I’m not tempted to print it out, mark it up with a red pen and fax it back to the author <wink>.  LOL!


She’s got two other MC series:



DEVIL’S RENEGADE (different chapter from the Dallas series??)


I actually may put a hold on the Dallas series, because I don’t find either her or Luke interesting enough that I want 900+ pages on them stretched over three books.  I like the fact of reading one book, one couple, mentions of them later in other books.  Maybe I’ll pick up with this set…


So Linda – not sure if I answered your question or not.  However, you can figure out that none of the MC books I’ve looked at over the last couple days hasn’t been such a fantastic pull that I haven’t been able to put it down / aside.  I’ll keep you updated!


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  • Yes, I think you answered my question. But I will say that the Dallas series is a long story but it ends up a pretty good storyline. And all 3 of her series tie in with the people in the Dallas books.