#GIVEAWAY & #FREEBIES for International Beer Day

Date When Celebrated : First Friday in August (Prior to 2013, this holiday was always on August 5)

International Beer Day is a day to celebrate and savor the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Raise a glass of beer today to toast both breweries and bartenders. It is truly a global celebration, enjoyed by people over 50 countries around the world.

Man, and woman of course, have enjoyed beer since about 6,000 B.C. Ancient civilizations even referred to it as a food staple. There are two categories of beer: Lager and Ale, and thankfully hundreds, if not thousands of varieties. Why there’s a beer variety for almost any and all discriminating drinkers. The exponential growth of small, local micro-breweries, has resulted in a wide range of new and exciting varieties.

The goals for International Beer Day are:

Enjoy beer! Gather with friends to enjoy the taste of beer.

Celebrate and recognize breweries and bartenders.Celebrate all the beers of the world.

Here are some ways to participate in International Beer Day:

Drink beer, either lager or ale is fine.

Sit on your patio or deck, and soak in summer, along with a refreshing lager or ale of your choice.

Go on a beer tour. Visit a brewery or micro-brewery.

Give a six pack or a growler of beer to a friend.

Have a beer at your local bar or pub. Thank the bartenders.

To truly celebrate this special day, you should drink imported beer from another country.

Have a safe and Happy International Beer Day!









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