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Today is NATIONAL LAZY MOM’S DAY – and seriously – what is better than curling up with a hot rocker series to be lazy??  Want some help with that?  If so, check out below for a GIVEAWAY!!

You think you know us. We’re rockstars and when we party, we party hard. We f**k sh*t up. What you don’t know is, we have scars and some of them run deep. Deep enough we wonder if we’ll see tomorrow.

Linc McKay, the bass guitarist for Dirty Affliction, is addicted to the fame and everything that comes with it. He loves the drugs, the alcohol, and the women. Especially the women. He lives by the motto “You can never have too much of a good thing.” That is, until one mistake threatens to destroy his career.

After years of living life according to others’ expectations, Honesty Raines finally decides to live life on her terms. She quits college and hits the road with her brother’s band, living the life she’s always dreamed. Hesitant to bring Honesty along, her brother agrees under one condition: stay away from the sexy bass player. However, that’s just not something she is willing to do.

Fast cars, Fast women and all the booze I can drink. That’s what being the front man for Dirty Affliction will get you. There’s only one problem with that. Everyone wants a piece of you in return.
What happens when there are no more pieces to give?

My name is Levi Cross and this is my story.





I’ve been labeled Rockstar, Addict, and Man-Whore. I’m the lead guitarist for the band, Dirty Affliction, and thanks to the media, my life is an open book. You think you know me, but you don’t. I’m broken, maybe even beyond repair. My name is Chance Roberts, and this is my story.


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I was the quiet one. The guy who had it together. I worked hard to get my band where it was; at the top of the charts. I’d never been one to party, to just let go and enjoy this crazy ride, and because of that, people said I had a stick up my ass. So for one night, I let go. For once, I didn’t want to be me. I wanted to be the guy who didn’t give a shit about anything, but reality happened. It hit me over the head with a king sized hammer. Everything changed. My name is Jinx Raines and this is my story. Image may contain: one or more people and text




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Regina Frame is giving away a SIGNED COPY of HARMONY – all you need to do for a chance to win is COMMENT BELOW!   What is YOUR favorite way to be a Lazy Mom?  If you COULD be a Lazy Mom, what would your ideal day be like?  (Mine would probably involve a long nap with NO ONE – fur or skin – beating on the bedroom door, and waking up to find out that everyone had done their chores without a whole bunch of whinin’!  LOL!!)  Have you ever gone on “Mom Strike”??  Did it work?  (My kids would probably just wallow in the filth.)    PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL IN YOUR COMMENT SO REGINA CAN CONTACT YOU FOR YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IF YOU WIN!!



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