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There is nothing quite like a great book. Those book sure have so many great uses. They can be left on the kitchen table for a few months, donated to a thrift shop, sold at garage sale (for you cheap bastards), thrown at an annoying student (for you teachers out there), picked up at this place called a library, used as a doorstop, paperweight, fire starter, or secret rock hammer holder. Some of these books are so great that we even read them! We take time out from our lives, from our busy jobs, from our busy weekend events and put money down on these words, then pick a seat of our choice and focus on what they have to say. With all those great books out there someone needs to give you a suggestion on where to go. Should you read the New York Times Bestsellers? If you are lucky you will read a book that manipulated the current system, and isn’t really a bestseller. Should you pick up a new edition of an old favorite where an unknown author writes a long foreword praising the book you read five times already? Perhaps you should try an indie author you don’t know because why not? How many more times are you going to read Harry Potter again? Each time Harry wins and I don’t want to ruin it for you, but that isn’t changing anytime soon. You need some guidance on what to read. These books don’t read themselves and they don’t suggest themselves either. Roads need signs, cows need milk, and books need suggestions. Here are books that you may want to pick up today.

The big book – Choice number one and we are already throwing Hail Mary’s and swinging for the fences. This book is not for the faint of heart. Some of you will avoid this book at all costs. Some of you will never think of buying it. Some of you will even complain that it is too heavy because of all those pages. You know this book. You have seen this book on so many bookshelves and you have wanted to buy it, but it is too damn big. You don’t have time to read all that! The font size in this book is as small as it can be and yet this book is still somehow a million pages long. This does look good on your shelf though. You feel like you accomplished something with its placement amongst your other books. People will notice this book when they see it on your bookshelf. You can even lie to them and say you read it. Don’t worry. I won’t tell.

Complete Works Of William Shakespeare – There are popular writers, legendary writers and then there is Shakespeare. The dude is the Goat for a reason. At the very least get one of his individual books. What better way than to show you are smart than to have this guy’s book on your bookshelf? You can’t look bad with this book up there. While you are putting this book on your bookshelf, you can laugh at the irony that the man who wrote, “What is in a name?” has the most famous name in literature. Take it from him: “Some books are written great, some books achieve greatness, and some books have greatness thrust upon them.” Or something like that.



The Bible King James Version – Like Shakespeare, The Bible is pretty well known. Perhaps you heard of the story. Apparently this thing called God created us and did some stuff with us and then later on came down and tried to lead us. It is kind of a popular story, even if you aren’t religious, you can’t ignore the notoriety of this book. Next time someone brings up God you can be the one person at the table who read the book he wrote. Think of it like this: this book is the only book that has buildings in towns devoted to its contents. Yeah, and you thought the latest bestseller had influence.

Complete Works Of Edgar Allan Poe – Possibly the greatest American writer of all time Edgar Allan Poe has become a name that all know of regardless of their expertise on his career. Impress your reading friends by knowing this guy, instead of pretending to know the guy that every one pretends to know, actually know him. Learn quickly that this man was a genius, or lunatic, or both. Not many writers’ catalog are as diverse as his. One story a person is buried alive, the next, the guy is losing his mind. At the very least after reading him, you’ll learn that the guy had tremendous talent as a writer.

Simple Read – We are going to go a little simple with this next pick. We were on volume 11, but all we need right now is volume 5. Something you can read multiple times or you can pick what you want and read a few at a time. Some days you don’t want to read a thriller where the guy didn’t kill his wife, or how the woman on the train may really be crazy. You want a light quick read to relax with no cliffhangers or plot twists, just well written verse.

Pocket Book Of Poetry – A bunch of classics poems all in one place. From those who love the classics, to poetry novices learning the ropes, there is plenty of great poetry in this collection for multiple reads.

Tao Te Ching – A book of guidance that is as helpful as any self-help book out there. This book can be read as a spiritual helper, a commentary on thoughtful living, or good insight into human nature. You are going to find some great lessons on life in this short book.


Relevant Book – Some stories manage to teach us not only of the current world, but of our very existence on Earth. They are retold for generations to learn and you will want to know them. What is the Lord of The Flies and why does is matter that there is going to be a remake with all girls? A Handmaid’s Tale is an adaptation by who? What the hell is an Orwellian society? Avoid looking like a fool and know some of these classics when they are brought up in conversation. Sure they may not be relevant in everyday life, they probably won’t help you get those papers filed, or that inventory check complete, unless you go around yelling, “A plague on both your houses” when something goes wrong at work, but it still helps to know them.

1984 – Read the book that is now promoted as the world we live in. Learn why Big Brother has become synonymous with corrupt government and why we should fear if powerful evil politicians take over o Once you finish reading this book and the paranoia of the book being a true possibility in our lives fades from your mind you can start to question why a book with the theme of an overarching tyrannical control manipulates and abuses their power to control the masses is being sold as a story of our current world.

Learn A Thing Or Two – Did you know that books are not all stories? Some are made to, get this, teach you something. They have lessons you can use to better yourself as a person. I couldn’t believe it when I heard of of this. Some of the real facts are as fascinating as the tales we all love. Did you know that King Charlemagne made Christianity the official religion of the Holy Roman Empire on his deathbed? Or that Abraham Lincoln was a local celebrity in his youth because of his wrestling ability? Or that Shakespeare’s bestselling written work in his lifetime was a poem? It can’t hurt to try to educate yourself on the past to make managing your future a little easier.

The Literature Book – If you like to read like I do, then you should pick up this book for inspiration on the history of books. Learn where your favorite book goes in the history of literature or discover a new genre or style from the past. There are so many great books written of in this book, that trying to find all of them is more than enough to fill you bookshelf.

The Book You Should Buy – All these other books are fine and everything. Shakespeare and a history are good additions to your bookshelf but you want a suggestion for a new book not released yet and you already know of that John Green book. You want something different for a change. Enter my book. Are you tired of the same old young adult book? How many vampires can a girl fall for, am I right? Maybe wizards aren’t your thing and you don’t like watching kids fight in a coliseum of a post-apocalyptic world. Maybe you would rather read a book about a college student trying to find his way in the world while discovering that the college doesn’t care if he does. If that is the case, then my book is just for you. Note: I may be a little biased here. After all I wrote the book.

A Day In The Life is Theodore Ficklestein’s debut novel about Nickolas Cripp, a college student finding his way in the world. Although Nick won’t admit it, he is the main focus to a young adult book that follows him from his home to college to the city, where he wants to attend an open mic.
Along his path, he encounters a teacher who asks about the apocalypse, a drunk on the train and two friends who feel writing isn’t Nick’s strong point, among others. Nick soon finds out that the funniest things in life aren’t that funny at all, and the greatest comedians never go up on stage.
As he goes through his day, one oddball character at a time, Nick starts to question if the comedy club he dreams of being in, is really for him. Should he be who he wants to be? Or who the world thinks he should be? Neither of which, he is entirely sure about.
A personal journey of self-discovery through the eyes of a youth yearning for meaning in a meaningless world; Nick learns that in life, the joke is on you

Theodore Ficklestein is an author, blogger and poet who has written three poetry books and runs multiple blogs. His first novel A Day In The Life is due out in 2017 and his poetry has appeared in Nuthouse and Avalon Literary Review.

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