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It’s all about family – traditional or not!

Beth Williamson

As a romance writer and reader, my favorite type of series are based on family. The definition of family is no longer what it used to be. My older son has a tattoo that reads “Family is more than blood” and that is 1000% true. Especially with my books.

I am very much the kind of writer who tries to stay true to real life. I’ve had heroines who are homeless, disabled, bitchy and even scarred physically. I’ve had heroes who are drunks, suffer from PTSD, or missing a limb. Yes, the book is an escape from reality but in order to identify with the hero/heroine, I feel like they have to feel real to me, and consequently, to the reader.

Family is about love and that’s in abundance in The Malloy Family series. There are a total of 13 books, which includes 12 novels and 1 novella.

As with all of us, my heroes can also be bad guys, who find their way to a good place with the love of a heroine. I’ve had heroes who are truly badasses, men you would not want courting your daughter.

The first was Hermano, who made an appearance in my first book, The Bounty. In the first scene we meet him, Hermano was torturing the hero, Tyler Calhoun, to give him information. Nice guy, eh? He pops up throughout the book, and the next, The Prize, dancing in the shadows in the periphery.

Well, what happened next was Hermano kept whispering in my ear while I slept, telling me he needed his own story, por favor. I couldn’t resist the pull of such a dark, sexy man, one who valued loyalty but would kill in a blink if need be.

Thus, my third book, The Reward, became Hermano’s story. He was Malcolm Ross y Zarza, a half-scottish, half-mexican man with a past of his own, one that thrust him into the role of a bandito.

He’s unapologetic for his actions and his choices – one of the things I love about him. He’s real, y’know? And he’s family in his heart to Nicky Malloy, his sister from a different mother.

The second hero with a gun and a dark soul is also from the Malloy family books, Kincaid. Oh, Kincaid, how I love thee. He first appeared in book five, The Gift, as a man hired to kill the heroine, Adelaide. Somewhere along the way he became friends with Brett Malloy, the most reticent and quietest of the brothers. So when Brett’s story, The Tribute, was published, Kincaid played a major role. He found a friend in Brett that he’d not found before – more than that, he found family. At the end of The Tribute, Kincaid disappears only to resurface in his own book, Hell for Leather.

A man who survived a wickedly awful childhood, Kincaid tries to start over, to emulate the man he wants to be like his friend Brett. He finds a place to be, and a new name, Cade Brody, and tries to keep his dark past buried beneath the roots of a pine tree. It takes a strong woman, Sabrina, to force him to confront that blackness and find the love he deserves.

Each book in the thirteen brings its own flavor of romance but you will always, always find family. Nothing is more important than those you love.

Malloy Family: http://www.bethwilliamson.com/series/malloy-family/

You can a look at the family tree and below is the reading order of all 13 books:

Book 1 – The Bounty
Book 2 – The Prize
Book 3 – The Reward
Book 4 – The Treasure
Book 5 – The Gift
Book 6 – The Tribute
Book 7 – The Legacy
Book 8 – Hell for Leather
Book 8 1/2 – The Present
Book 9 – The Fortune
Book 10 – The Prospect
Book 11 – The Jewel
Book 12 – The Gem


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