#SNARKTEMBER 29th with @SnarkyMomReads – The #Twinagers Birthday!! #Twins #GIVEAWAY #GIVEAWAY

Today at 7:47 and 7:49 am, eighteen years ago, The Twinagers were born.  It’s been QUITE the trip.  The Motherhood Road is often bumpy; full of LOTS of twists, turns and sinkholes (!). 


Leave me your favorite funny, sweet or snarky motherhood story & in honor of the Twinagers’ birthday I’ll shoot an as-yet-to-be-determined prize your way!


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  • I love birthdays!!

    I can remember the time I laughed hysterically when changing a poopy nappy. That’s not the funny part. The LEGO head looking up at me from amongst the grossness was.

    Yes the little Mister swallowed the head from a LEGO man

    You have to laugh sometimes.

  • Happy Birthday to the Twins! There is nothing like a 4yo showing up an adult in front of an audience and an veteran astronaunt. Took my son to the space center and a gentlemen asked why the international space station looked so weird and my 4yo pipes up and says, “That’s the Muir, silly!” Even the astronaut giving the presentation was like, “uh oh yeah,” lol.