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Ghosts. The potential existence of paranormal entities has evoked fascination and fear for centuries. Some hide under the covers at night, praying for the safety morning brings. Not this ghost hunter. I’m one of those curious folks who seek out the weird.

I love taking trips and staying at old historic hotels. Decades of guests with their private dramas are bound to produce a haunting or two. My “Ghosts of” books – purchased in cities and towns I’ve visited – line the book shelves in my office. They both inspire and guide me on my own hunts. I’ve had some ghostly adventures during my visits. One of my favorite experiences happened while I was attending a writer’s conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The Menger Hotel sits across the street from the Alamo. One of the attendees had a room in the old section of the hotel facing the legendary fort. She was convinced her room was haunted. Demonstrating her point, she closed the window of her bathroom and ushered us out. We shared a drink as we waited. Then came a thump. She opened the bathroom door and the window had opened on its own. Convinced the ghostly defenders of the Alamo were determined to wander about the hotel, we decided to do a midnight ghost hunt.  The hotel staff were good sports. They showed us places where other guests had seen spectral beings floating on the landings and staircases. Our ghost hunt wasn’t organized or serious. I leave the real hunting to the pros.

My fascination with the paranormal doesn’t stop at hotel visits. These ghosties find their way into my novels as well. In my upcoming release, The Obsidian Gates (Book Two: Heart of the Warrior), two of my main character’s departed ancestors appear to him in the Land of Mists and Dreams. The ghosts are all powerful in this landscape situated between death and the subconscious. They don’t pull any punches as they teach him to fight against the undefeatable.



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  • I have many stories but since I can only choose one I chose the one near and dear to my heart – my pepere – he built the house I grew up in and when he passed I always heard someone walking from our back door to my bedroom door – I would lay frozen in fear til I finally realized it was my pepere protecting me as I slept and in this case I slept better, not the same with all my stories – xoxo

  • Thank you for the giveaway.

  • I have several encounters. From feeling my father sit at the foot of my bed put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to take care of my mother. Then I get a phone call from my mom saying my dad had passed on. To having a child’s Fisher Price Puppy with no batteries in it play and light up at all hours. We would go downstairs because we would hear it. We then would see it playing but there was nothing in it and it was off. That we knew was my grandson. They’re all family members so they do not scare us and we welcome them but there have been quite a few different encounters with toys and people touching us or walking by where you smell the rose scent of my grandmother. Not spooky to us but it does scare others.