Things I’m Observing / Learning While On Vacation

For those that hadn’t picked up on it, I’m on vacation.  This is the first “family vacation” I’ve had in SIX YEARS that has NOT revolved around a kid event.  Or in our house, known as Destination Imagination Global Finals, where the “vacation” part of it involves us hauling a trailer of props six hours into another state.  Woo.  Hoo.  


So anyway, I’m on vacay.  And I’ve been observing some shit; learning some things; and otherwise having horrible assumptions validated about the public at large.


  •  Like Child #2, Child #3 has no concept of personal boundaries.  Thankfully this has not affected me, as unlike Child #2, this has not involved being attached to me by 90% of his body.  However, if he continues to “pinball bounce” off of people while we’re standing in line, I’m figuring I’m going to end up with a black eye.
  •   I always say that Sullen, Twinager “A”, doesn’t like people.  I’m beginning to think he inherited that from me.  We are hanging at the hotel tonight, along with Little Dude (#3), while The Man & Mouth (Twinager “B”) head off to Halloween Horror Nights.  Personally, I can’t imagine people paying a huge amount of money to tour haunted, scary houses.  I’ll let them into my house for just $1 per person. On any given day it’s pretty damn scary, but considering our water damage and the reno that’s going on, the scariness factor has increased. Just sayin’.
  • I’m glad that I’m not a fashionista.  The amount of women I’ve seen hobbling around with blisters and complaining about their feet hurting because they are wearing flip flops and fashion sandals?  Insane.  If you don’t want your feet to hurt when you plan to walk 50 million miles in an amusement park, um… NEWS FLASH – WEAR TENNIS SHOES.
  • And still glad I’m not a fashionista.  Apparently shorts are so damn expensive that many women can only afford to buy half of a pair.  If I want my teenage and pre-pubescent sons to have open range on crotch shots, I’ll buy them a Penthouse magazine.  I do NOT know where YOUR kitty has been, so I’ll pass on them seeing your ass hanging half out the back o’ your shorts and them riding up into your c’lips.  The magazine will be cheaper than the antibiotics.  (And really, who are these MOMS who are letting their teenage daughters out in these shorts that have less material than my damn UNDERWEAR??!!!!????  Are you THAT anxious to be a Grandma????)
  • There is a HUGE lack of common courtesy in the public at large.  Why am I killing myself to teach my sons basic manners and courtesy when over half of the general public is selfish and self-entitled?  Not knowing basics like standing to the side on moving sidewalks so people in a hurry can continue walking and instead blocking the whole damn lane… young kids plopping down in seats while the older generation (and yes, I mean older than ME) are left standing… a teenage girl turning to give me an answer with her fingers in her mouth, chewing on her nails, while she mumbled her answer (my kids woulda had their hands smacked out of their mouths and told to E-NUN-CI-ATE)… And seriously, it’s not just here at Disney / Universal / etc…  It’s out in the wide world.  WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A FIRST RESPONDER VEHICLE APPROACHES ON THE STREET?  WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A FUNERAL PROCESSION IS ON THE STREET?  
  • Quite frankly, I’ve only seen (HEARD) ONE thing that I felt redeemed humankind, and that was while I was in a bathroom, I heard someone THANK the bathroom attendant at Disney for keeping everything so clean in the bathroom.  Was that really SO HARD for someone to take the time to say to that person?  No, but I bet it helped that person keep going throughout their day – especially with as DISGUSTING as people behave in bathrooms (yeah, I’ll spare you THAT rant….)….