REVELRY by Peta Crake

“REVELRY” by Peta Crake is a 260+ novel priced at $3.89 and published by ePenguin.   This is a shapeshifter romantic suspense novel, and the first in this genre for Peta Crake.  If you are looking for a sexy shapeshifter novel, this is not it; this is one you could share with your teen daughter.  This would probably be fine for an older teen to read; while there are allusions to rape, LOTS of shifter violence and language I don’t think it is anything worse than some of the YA novels that are out in the marketplace.

Revelry is a wolf on the run.   She’s trying to hide from her former pack, where they’ve accused her of being a kin-killer and murdering half of the pack.  She ends up in Ridgeville, coincidentally a shifter community where an Enforcer (Connor) lives, and where another shifter has gone missing.  She starts to feel more comfortable in the area and then finds out that Connor is cousin to her pack’s Alpha – and she is afraid he will turn her in to him.   “Revelry” is a multi-layered book, dealing with a stalker, a serial killer, a Pack Alpha bent on revenge, a wolf just looking for love and understanding and another wolf looking for safety and security while battling PTSD from her time in her pack.  Peta Crake does a fine job setting up all the different plot strings and pulling them together into an interesting web of intrigue.

Please note:  I was given a copy of this book in return for an HONEST review.