People have mixed feelings about the free books.  Here’s my take on it from a READER standpoint.

I’ve found that from day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year… my genre “cravings” can change.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve run across a new release that is like the 3rd or 4th in a series, just to look back at the prior books and realize that I’ve seen some of them on freebie lists before… and they are now NOT free… and I didn’t pick them up when they WERE free.


Many people don’t like to load up on freebies, because it sucks up space on their ereader.  Well, let’s be honest, folks.  It only takes a few seconds to click the “remove from device” feature, and then Amazon stores the book for you in the cloud for whenever you’re ready for it.  Easy peasy.  It takes you longer to complain about it than it does to remove the book from your device.  Just sayin’.

The other thing you have to take into consideration is that just because a book is free, doesn’t mean it is ALWAYS going to be free.  If you look back at older freebie posts of mine, you’ll see that some of the books have gone up, or back, to their regular price.   That being said, this is also a great time to remind you that no matter who or where you find a book posted with a link to Amazon, when you click on it, you really need to VERIFY it is the price on the Amazon site that you think it is going to be.  Amazon can change prices on a whim.  My motto?  Grab it when you see it.  





You can always run a search for all the new, and/or newly listed, zero cost books.  Try it >>here<<.


Okay, it isn’t exactly FREE beyond the first month, but the BENEFITS of Amazon Prime offers some “freebies”.  You’ll get one free book to “purchase” each month; books to borrow that are “Prime”; plus all the other goodies – free shipping (which adds up quickly!), music selections, movie/television selections, etc…  If you’re interested, please click the banner below – you’ll get 30 days to try it out for FREE!!!  Yes, FREE!!!


Also not “free”, but if you try out Kindle Unlimited, you’ll find out pretty quickly that you are saving a LOT of money each month!  Even if you only read 2 books a week, at an average cost of $3.99 per book, that’s over $30 in value that you’ll be able to read for under $10 a month!  For the year, that’s a savings of over $200!  W-O-W !!  Just like Amazon Prime, you can try it out FOR FREE for 30 days!!  Click the banner below to get started!

Here’s another not well-known aspect of Amazon – they have a program for self-publishing authors called “Kindle Scout“.  ANYONE can register as a Kindle Scout and you can view the book covers / blurbs of the books enrolled.  If any of them are interesting to you, you can “nominate” the book for publishing.  If enough people vote it for publishing, and Amazon Kindle agrees, once it goes to publication, YOU GET IT FOR FREE!!   I’ve had probably four of the books I’ve nominated go on to publication, and yes, Amazon has sent them to be for FREE!



There’s so many publishers / book selling sites that seem to be going out of business (sales) or closing down (publishing).  As a matter of fact, Blushing Books recently “reset” their online store so if you had things in your account/library there, they are now gone.  They sent you email(s) to make sure you had them downloaded, so it’s your own fault.  (Says the woman who just deleted close to 10,000 emails she hadn’t read.)  Just because a book is published by Blushing Books, don’t discard its potential – while many of their books have explicit sex, spanking and/or BDSM themes, some of them are REALLY focused on character / story development and you can tell the author may have just slipped in the required sex stuff, so it’s really easy to just skim right over.  (Says the woman who skimmed through 10,000 email subject lines before she hit the delete button LOL.)

Anyway, they offer a “Daily Deal.  While it implies something is posted every day, I think you’d be safe to just put it on your “check every couple of days” list.

Please note – I’m not affiliated with Blushing Books and I get no kick-back from them for referring these books.  It’s at your own risk since it’s highly likely I haven’t read the book already LOL!  By the way – you WILL need to create an account at Blushing Books, and when you checkout with your freebie, it will ask for a “Card On File”.  Just look over to the right under the payment and click the button by “PayPal”.  Easy peasy.

While you’re there – note that they have a “Deals & Freebies” page.  Nothing is on it right now, and I don’t know if it’s being replaced by the “Daily Deals” page, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out for something fun 🙂 !!



Still hanging in there as a publishing house AND sales portal is Evernight Publishing.  They sell new releases at discounted rates (which are normally NOT matched at Amazon, so purchase them from Evernight – look about 1/3 down the page), 99 cent specials, and also offer a page of FREE READS.  

FIRST FOR ROMANCE / Totally Entwined

This is a newly opened publisher storefront.  At the time I posted this, they were offering 127 FREE READS!!  Yes, 127!!





Definitely one of the BIGGIES, and they offer a newsletter with sales & freebie alerts, along with ONLINE FREE READS and some downloadable FREE READS.  Please be aware that some/many of their downloadable free books are “samplers”, which means you’re going to get teasers of the stories — but it’s a good way to see if you want to buy the whole thing!



Instafreebie is a service for authors to get their works some attention via sneak peeks, extra content, advanced access and/or giveaways.  Typically an author allows so many to be given away, or a set time frame for giveaways, and all you have to do is provide an email address (which is typically given to the author for their mailing list).

Check out this Lisa Mondello blog post regarding Instafreebie!



NetGalley is a site where you can register, for FREE, to read and review galleys – which are normally advance copies of books – from authors & publishers ranging from indie authors to major publishing houses like Harlequin, Random House, Kensington, etc…  All they ask is that you provide a review in exchange!



Many of these are self-published, and can be sorted by length, age, etc…




You can sign up for FREE to pick books from the Story Cartel “carousel” – they just ask that you provide a REVIEW in exchange!



It’s not free books off the bat, BUT, Swagbucks offers points for taking daily polls, watching short youtube videos, reading stuff, printing out & using grocery coupons (who doesn’t like to save at the grocery!??!!) and using them as the starting point shopping portal for online shopping.  You can also earn points by searching for things – so what I do is if I want to do anything online, I generally plug it into the search box on Swagbucks button on my toolbar, and it gives me credit.

What does one do with these Swagbucks?  Well, you can turn them around and order AMAZON GIFT CARDS.  Swear to Santa that last year, EVERY SINGLE BLASTED TEACHER for all three of my kids (remember two of them are in high school, so we’re talking A LOT of teachers!!) got an Amazon gift card, and all it “cost” me was about 5 extra seconds each day!



Another publishing house that is hanging in there and offering both romance and erotica options in an online bookstore.  They have some specials, and also offer FREE READS (romance – Wild Rose Press) and FREE READS (erotic romance – Wilder Rose Press).